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JAPAFRI Co,.LTD offers One Stop Portal to Auto Auctions (Japanese Domestic Market) car auctions.

Since Japan is one of the largest car manufacturer country in the world, it has a huge used car market as well. During the years used car sales systems developed a lot. There are more than 100 auction houses across Japan. To make everything easy JAPAFRI Co,.LTD offers One Stop Portal to Auto auction houses. It means you have access to more than 10 auction houses every day and more than 3000 cars in each auction house. You can find there from brand new cars to classic rare cars, European cars, American cars and even heavy machinery・ trucks.

Every car in the auction has an auction check sheet, written by the auction specialist showing the condition of the cars. In auction houses, everything is written in Japanese and you can be 100% sure that JAPAFRI Co,.LTD specialists will help you from A to Z.

Advantages of using JAPAFRI Co.LTD one stop portal:

How system works:

  1. Become member of JAPAFRI Co,.LTD
  2. Make security deposit to one of our bank accounts and get auction one stop portal access
  3. Find your dream car(our staff will help you in every step 24/7) and bid
  4. Successful bid and get your payment invoice
  5. We prepare your car and ship after payment.
  6. Documents will be shipped to your place right after the car is shipped.
  7. Receive your car in nearest local port

Please contact us if you have already decided to win a car from Auto auction houses.

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