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Bid and Buy Cars

Step by step guide to purchasing vehicles from JAPAFRI Co.,LTD

Get BID certified

Register as a member on the JAPAFRI Co.,LTD website

Participate in the bid process

Find your desired vehicles from the list on the website. If the information of your desired car is not enough, you can get assistance from our online and on location agents.

WIN your bid

After having enough information about your car, JAPAFRI Co.,LTD will go ahead and bid the car for you.

Get all the necessary documents

Once your winning bid is confirmed, you will be assigned an account manager who will send you a Proforma invoice in order to start the shipping process.

Pay your first installment

For the shipping process to start, you need to pay your first installments. Your account manager will inform you on how to go about this process.


Once your first installment payment is cleared, the car will be booked on a transporting ship. Your account manager will originate a shipment notification document and he/she will keep you updated on the shipping progress.

Pay the remaining amount

You are required to pay the remaining amount of money before your shipment arrives. Our team will originate the document for you to facilitate this payment

Final documents

Upon receipt of the final instalment, JAPAFRI Co.,LTD will initiate the paperwork to release your vehicle.

Receive your car

According to your earlier agreement you can go pick your vehicle at the port or have JAPAFRI Co.,LTD delivery team bring it to you in whichever location you are in

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